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Free Tarot Past Life Reading

Your experiences from the past that have brought you to where you are today are the insights that you will receive from this past life reading. You can now understand how you are being influenced from the past.

You can become conscious of what you were first not conscious of and understand how the past has much to do with your present circumstances. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! Thanks to all the experts who have done the extensive research upon this, it is now extremely easy to find out about your past life. This free astrology reading is done by filling in the details of your time of birth, the day, month and year as well as the longitude and latitude of your place of birth. Test Now!

Past Life Analysis |

The calculator only takes a few seconds, and you will be on your way to know more about yourself. With this information you will be able to predict more outcomes of situations based on your personality from the past and from the present.

The past life calculator which is a finder of the past goes from to all the way up to the year ! So you can even figure out the past life of a future baby if you want to use your imagination in that way. Your email address will not be published. Past Life Analysis admin Leave a comment.

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Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Ideally we use what we have learned from building and using our old boat to create this new boat, so there is a balance of the familiar with the new. But it is our choice. Your natal chart can describe your gifts in detail and because every natal chart is unique so are your gifts.

The combinations of signs, planets and houses and the patterns they create makes each past life gift individual. Very often our instinctive responses and unconscious patterns of behaviour relate to our south node, and many clients have a big ah ha moment once they learn about their own south node. All of your natal chart can be used to help you understand the gifts you already have access to and the new ones that you can develop this lifetime. By showing your personal stepping stones to unlock your existing gifts or develop new ones.

Past Life Reading Consultation

Our destiny north node signs tend to ask us to step out of our comfort zone, as the way to discover true happiness and purpose in life. While it can feel safe and comfortable to stay in our south node, the deep fulfilment we long for will never be found. Instead we can use these strengths to spring-board us towards our new destiny Rahu north node.

Often we will find that life keeps bringing up opportunities this can also be seen in our charts to develop our new north node materials. These may feel uncomfortable and this is the very challenge of the nodes.

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So while your sun sign relates to your inner heart your nodes are the compass of your soul. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Past Life Number Calculator

Leave this field empty. Past lives and reincarnation is a fascinating subject for many people, while others put it firmly in the realms of fantasy. Posted in Astro-event and tagged astrology-readings , ketu , nodes , past lives , Rahu , soul purpose , talents.

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